Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

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Everest Base Camp Trek Cost depends on many trekking route, length of the trek, travel agency, service, and several others. The cost can vary from travel agency to agency and there is no fixed price. In general, the cost of the trek can range anywhere from US$ 1100 to US$ 4500. 

The total cost of the trek is totally dependent on the requirement and preferences of the trekker. The trekker can settle for the standard itinerary, like the 14-day Everest base camp trek. Or they can customize the itinerary and add extra services and the price is adjusted accordingly. For instance, if they wishes to stay one more night in Namche Bazaar, the price goes up.

The standard 14-day itinerary is comparatively cheaper than the one with return by helicopter. The cost can go higher if you extend your trekking days or add luxury options. Don’t be surprised if you happen to see ridiculously cheaper prices for the Everest Base Camp trek. There are many travel agencies that offer the trek at low prices but compromise on services. 

It would be fair to say that some trekking agencies have their own price tag. While most of the agencies offer the trek at a similar cost, some trekking agencies charge a little more. This is because the service can more. From the guide to porter and accommodation, everything is top-notch and hence the costly price tag.

Trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest is a dream come true for many travelers. Everyone, be it a kid or a 55-year-old man, wants to make it to the Everest base camp to catch a glimpse of the world’s highest peak. Hike to Everest Base Camp is once in a lifetime adventure. One of the things to consider for the trek is the cost and in this blog, we will help you understand the total cost of the Everest Base Camp trek

Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Did you know more than 30,000 trekkers trek to Everest base camp every year? You could guess that.

You probably had gone through several Google pages trying to get the cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek. But, to the point of surprise, you couldn’t really find the exact figure for the trek cost. Well, that’s because the trek has no fixed price; it depends, as I said earlier.

If you choose to do the low-priced trip, the cost is obviously low than in comparison to the luxury trek. Some travel agencies offer cheap treks, while some offer treks with huge price tags.

Some travel agencies try to dupe trekkers into the low-priced trek and offer low-quality services that could result in a horrific ordeal. At the same time, some travel agencies are genuine with the price. So how do you really find the Cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek? 

Let’s have a quick look at the Everest Base Camp Trek cost in different styles.

Let’s gain some insight into the factors that helps you estimate the total cost of the Everest base camp. But before that, just to give you an idea, trekking independently (without a guide and porter) is a lot cheaper than trekking with an international or local agency. Similarly, it will cost you extra dollars if you wish to return back from Everest Base Camp by helicopter. 

You have at least 6 options to choose from for Everest Base Camp Trek (I’ve mentioned them above). You can either go with a local agency or an international tour operator. Or maybe do it independently. Let me explain them all. 

Trekking Cost With International Travel Agency

Budget trek cost range: US$ 1350 – US$ 1999
Standard trek cost range US$ 2000 – US$ 3299
Luxury Trek cost range  US$ 3300 – US$ 4500

Choosing an international agency is a great choice. They offer great service and usually have a plethora of fantastic reviews. One of the best things about them is that they include English-speaking local guides, assistants, and porters. The trip includes the cost of transport between destinations. However, most international agencies will not cover food expenses for the trek.

International Agency can offer you budget as well as luxury Everest Base Camp Trek. We can broadly divide the trek provided by international agencies into three categories: Budget-friendly Everest Base Camp trek, Standard Everest Base Camp Trek, and Luxury Everest Base Camp Trek.

The budget-friendly trek can cost you US$ 1350 approximately. To back this up, I must say they use guesthouse or hotel or hostels in Kathmandu that offers simple service and normal tea houses in the mountain. The price can vary depending on the agency and several other factors. 

Meanwhile, the case is different for Everest Base Camp Luxury Trek; they use luxury hotels in Kathmandu and the mountains. And the trek can cost you US$ 4500 or more. What makes the price so exorbitant is the luxury option for the trek. 

They use luxury lodges with high-end facilities. The international luxury trek/tour operator targets prospects who are willing to pay big money for luxury. In this light, it is obvious that these operators deliver high-end service and bespoke trips. With the Luxury Everest Base Camp trek, you will not only pay for the trip but unparalleled experience, personalized services, and luxurious comfort. 

Now, what you must know is that the same 14-day standard EBC trek itinerary offered by an international agency is a bit more expensive than the trek offered by a local agency. This is because international agencies (most of them) hire third-party firms in Nepal to organize your trek. You can always compare the price before booking.

Based on your budget, you can choose one of the three styles of Everest Base Camp trek offered by international agencies, namely:

  • Budget EBC Trek 
  • Standard EBC Trek 
  • Luxury EBC Trek

You might be confused as to what differentiates them. So let me do this part.

Budget Trek Cost

The international agency uses guest houses in town and basic tea houses in the mountains under this style of the trek. As the name suggests, the services are normal or budget-friendly. If you want to make sure that the trek matches your budget, go for this trek. 

Some trekkers are okay with basic tea houses in the mountains, a Bed-and-breakfast plan, and a guide and porter. While in Kathmandu, they don’t prefer star-rated hotels for accommodations. And (this) cheap Everest base camp trek (budget EBC trek) is perfect for them. The price range for this trek is US$ 1350-US$ 1999. 

Standard Trek Cost

While in Kathmandu, the international travel agency uses a 3-star hotel and in the mountain, the trekkers will be accommodated in standard or best available tea houses. The standard Everest Base Camp Trek operated by international agencies features a star hotel in town and the best available tea houses in the mountains

For this trek, you will be assigned a guide and porter with a full board meal. The agency will arrange the permit and Lukla flight. The price for this trek is a bit costlier than the Budget type Everest trek. The price tends to be US$ 2000-US$ 3299 approximately.

Luxury Trek Cost

If you prefer Luxury style trek internal travel agency, this one is for you. The final price can be somewhere from US$ 3200 to US$ 4500. For this trek, they use a 4-5 star hotel in Kathmandu and a luxury hotel (resort) in the mountain like Yeti Mountain Home. Along the trail, you will be accommodated in the best available tea houses with luxury options.

They will assign you a guide and porter, with a full board meal. Everything will be arranged on your behalf. This style of the trek is suitable for those who wish to Travel to Everest Base Camp in luxury style.

Trekking With Local Travel Agency

Budget trek cost range : US$ 1100 – US$ 1699
Standard trek cost range US$ 1700 – US$ 2499
Luxury trek cost range US$ 2500 – US$ 3600

Trekking with a local agency is arguably the best choice for Everest Base Camp Trek and for two reasons: first, they are local, and second, they have local guides and porters. If you Google Everest base camp trek and look for the price offered by local operators, you can find the cost ranging from US$ 1100 to US$ 3600.

The travel companies based in Nepal are the local operator. There are hundreds of trekking companies in Nepal offering a standard Everest Base Camp Trek 14-day itinerary

Local operators are government-registered locally owned travel companies based in Kathmandu or other parts of Nepal. They own full-time local guides, have a main office in Nepal (mostly in Kathmandu), and operate all the treks in Nepal. Whatever they do, they do it themselves and don’t sub-contract. 

Now you may say, “you just said international tour agencies also hire local guides and porters.” Yes, they do, but with a local agency, everyone on the team is local. And that is something different.

That means you will be spending and adventuring with local people, contributing to the local community. Imagine trekking to Inca Trail with a Nepali guide or, say, a Nepali travel agency. Yes, you can do it, but the taste would be bland in comparison to traveling with a local travel agency from Peru.

One of the perks of trekking with a local operator is they assign you experienced local guides who know the nitty-gritty of the trek. On the other hand, you will be indirectly helping the local economy. What else? The local guide will enrich your travel experience.

No doubt, the local operators offer a budget-friendly Everest Base Camp  trek. In fact, the cost is comparatively lower than the price offered by International agencies.

Local operators do offer the luxury option for Trek. And it is clear that luxury treks are costlier than normal treks. So if you are looking for a luxury trek, you necessarily do not have to go with an international agency because a local tour operator like Third Rock Adventures can organize it for you.

Local Tour Operator also offers 3 styles of trekking:

  • Budget Trek Cost with Local Agency 
  • Standard Trek Cost with Local Agency
  • Luxury Trek Cost with Local Agency

Budget Trek Cost with Local Agency

Local Operator like Third Rock Adventures offers all three styles of the trek. Budget trek bestows a budget-friendly Everest Base Camp trek package. Under this trek, the trekkers will be accommodated in guest houses in town and basic tea houses in the mountains. 

The price range is anywhere from US$ 1100-US$ 1699. Please be informed the services are normal and include a bed-and-breakfast plan, with a guide and porter. If you are budget-constraint, I recommend you opt for this option.

Standard Trek Cost with Local Agency

If you want to skip the Budget-friendly option, you can choose from standard and luxury Everest Base Camp trek by local operators. For the standard option, they use a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu and the best available tea houses in the mountain.

For this trek, you will be assigned a guide and porter with a full board meal. The agency will arrange the permit and Lukla flight. The price for this trek is a bit costlier than the Budget trek. For the price range of US$ 1700-US$ 2599, you will be offered a standard pack, as the name suggests. The majority of trekkers prefer standard over budget Everest Base Camp trek. I am saying it from the data offered by Third Rock Adventures. 

Luxury Trek Cost with Local Agency

When we think of luxury treks, most of us think that local operators do not offer luxury trek packages, which is totally wrong. Third Rock Adventures has and can manage/customize many luxury treks under the preference of trekkers. 

The local operator charges as much as US$ 2600-US$ 3600 for a Luxury trek. For the standard itinerary, they use 4-5 star hotels in Kathmandu and luxury hotels (resorts) in the mountain like Yeti Mountain Home. 

Everything from guide and porter to permits and flights will be arranged beforehand for you. This style of the trek is for those who prefer to trek in the comfort of luxury lodges in the mountains.

Guide And Porter Service

Guide and Porter Service: US$ 880 – US$ 1150
Guide Service: US$ 550 – US$ 725
Porter Service: US$ 325 – US$ 425

Guide and Porter Service with Local Agency

You will hire a guide and porter in Kathmandu through a local agency. If you hire one from Kathmandu, you’ll have to pay for the guide’s flight as well. So, many trekkers often manage to meet guides and porters in Lukla. For this, the local agency will organize the guide and porter for you.

This is an affordable way of trekking to Everest Base Camp. You can also share a guide with a group of trekkers. In the same way, you can also share a porter with another trekker (2 trekkers with a porter).

You can look for any local travel agencies scattered in Kathmandu and hire a guide and porter via them for your EBC trek. The approximate cost should be US$ 880-US$ 1150. The guide will recommend the tea house along the route. You do not have to pay for their food and accommodation. Local guides are extremely knowledgeable but make sure they are registered guides and speak good English. 

If you book a guide in Kathmandu through a local travel agency, the tentative cost would be US$ 100 (flight) + 13 days x US$ 35 = US$ 555. The average price of a guide per day is US$ 30-US$ 40. Similarly, the cost of booking a guide in Lukla would be 13 days x US$ 35 = US$ 455. The advantage of booking a guide in Lukla is that you do not have to pay for the flight cost.

The cost of hiring a porter would be 13 days x US$ 25= US$ 325. A porter will charge US$ 25-US$ 30 per day for carrying luggage weighing up to 25kg and might ask for heavier luggage. Most of the time, you need not hire a porter because you can carry your own stuff. But in the case of heavier bags, and a comfortable trekking experience, hiring a porter is a must. 

Guide service with Local Agency

This topic is obvious and crystal clear. Trek with a guide and without a porter is another style of trekking to Everest Base Camp. If you feel like you can carry your own stuff, you obviously won’t need a porter. And this cut down the expense to some extent. As mentioned earlier, it costs you US$ 555 to hire a guide for 13 days. It includes the cost of accommodation, food, and flight. Please note that the tip for the guide is not included in the cost. You can offer a tip at the end of the trek.

There are many travel agencies in Thamel that can arrange a guide for you. You can contact them anytime and hire a guide for 13-14 days. You can cut down flight costs by hiring a guide to meet in Lukla. Most trekkers do this to save some money for the trek.                                                        

Porter service with Local Agency

Just like above, a trek with a porter is a clear topic. You will trek without a guide but a porter. This is an even more affordable style of trekking, as hiring a porter for a trek is cheaper than hiring a guide. It costs you US$ 325 to hire a porter for 13 days, given the fact that a porter charges US$ 25 for a day. 

The cost includes the cost of accommodations and food for the porter. You can pay the tip at the end of the trek as showing gratitude for his service. Although it is not compulsory to offer a tip, tipping is the best way to show your appreciation more their loyal service and memorable experience.

Writer’s note: The price/wage of hiring a guide and porter may change and the cost mentioned above is the cost at the time of writing this article)

Trek Cost For Independent Trekkers

Now the final style of trekking is trekking on your own, without a guide and a hardworking porter. You will manage everything yourself, carrying your own bags, booking a room, and navigating the trail on your own. How does that sound to you? Daunting right? Well, if you Google it, you will find a lot of independent trekkers who did the trek on their own. The good news is that you can cut down the price drastically by doing the trek independently.

You can complete an independent trek to Everest Base Camp for US$ 1000 to US$ 1600. This doesn’t have to be the same for you. Based on your route, trekking gear, packing list, Lukla flight cost at the time of your trek, and several other factors, the price for the trek can vary. If you are unsure about the adventure, you can always contact the local agencies in Kathmandu and hire a guide for the trek.

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