Manaslu Circuit Trek 

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Manaslu Circuit Trek Overview

The Manaslu circuit trek is a 14-day trek that encircles the Manaslu Conservation Area in Nepal. The trek to Manaslu Circuit trek is considered an off-beaten-path alternative to the more popular Everest Base Camp trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek. The Manaslu Circuit trek circles Mount Manaslu the world’s 8th tallest mountain. It offers a perfect blend of Tibetan culture and stunning nature. The Manaslu circuit trail varies depending on the section you choose. Lower Sections is well-maintained and easy to follow. Mid-sections are inclines and have uneven terrain. This trail requires good balance and sturdy feet. High sections can be challenging, with loose Scree, moraines, and snowfields. The Manaslu circuit trek difficulties range from moderate to difficult. The maximum elevation of the Manaslu circuit trek reaches 5160 meters at Larkya La Pass. At such altitudes, altitude sickness can be a major problem. Proper acclimatization is crucial to follow. Medical facilities are limited, so take extra care of your health and be physically prepared. Weather conditions can change rapidly so, be flexible with clothes and gear. The Total Elevation Gain on the Manaslu circuit trek is about 7000 meters. The trail varies as the daily altitude gains have constant ascends and descends. The most challenging climb is probably Larkya La Pass due to its elevation gain. The best time to visit the Manaslu Circuit trek is spring and autumn. The skies are clear with blooming rhododendron flowers. Stable weather, comfortable temperature, and beautiful views of the mountains are the beauty offered by these peak seasons.

Permits costs and regulations of Manaslu circuit trek

The Manaslu circuit trek is not allowed for solo trekkers and must be accompanied by a licensed guide. Camping and Drones aren’t acceptable in the Manaslu circuit trek. Trekking agencies can handle permit applications for a smooth process while you enjoy the trek. Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP), Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP), and TIMS Card (optional) are some important permits trekkers must carry. Manaslu Restricted Area Permit (MRAP): MRAP is a Mandatory permit due to the trek’s location in a restricted area. Costs vary depending on the routes and seasons you choose. • December-August: $75 for first 7 days, $10/day extra after. • September-November: $100 for first 7 days, $15/day extra after. The permits can be obtained from: • Department of Immigration in Kathmandu or Pokhara. • Trekking agency (usually included in their packages). Required documents: • Passport copy • Visa copy • Passport-sized photos • Travel insurance details (covering helicopter evacuation) • TIMS card information (optional)

Manaslu trek difficulties 

Manaslu trek altitude reaches over 5100 meters at Larkya La pass. Remember not to rush, take your time, acclimatize properly, and listen to your body. It’s crucial to avoid altitude sickness. This trek to Manaslu isn’t for the faint of heart. Several sections involve steep climbs, and uneven trails, good physical shape and stamina is essential to keep going. Think Stairmaster sessions and hill hikes to starters. Himalayan weather can be unpredictable, throwing rain, snow, and strong winds are a lot more common than you think. Pack for anything, versatile clothes for all conditions, and be prepared to adjust to a thin atmosphere. Remote Beauty Comes with Responsibility makes sure you are physically fit for the trek. Medical facilities are scarce in these remote areas. Make sure you’re physically prepared and aware of altitude risks to have a safe and enjoyable trek.

The best time to visit the Manaslu trek 

Both spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) offer amazing conditions for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. These seasons are considered peak seasons and probably the most visited seasons. But each season comes with its unique pros and cons: Spring: Compared to the monsoon season and winter, spring sees minimal rainfall and snowfall, reducing trail closures and trail conditions. Lush vegetation and blooming wildflowers paint the landscape in vivid colors, transforming the trek into a visual feast. It is also a major attraction for the spring trek in the Manaslu circuit.


• Spring seasons have pleasant and comfortable temperatures. • The trails offer beautiful mountain views and clear skies. • Gaze upon the vibrant landscapes blooming with rhododendrons. • With fewer trekkers, trails, and lodges remain open and available.


• It’s a busier season compared to other seasons. • Peak seasons mean more crowds, requiring earlier bookings. • Higher prices for accommodations and other basic facilities as well. Autumn: Unlike the monsoon season (June to August) with frequent rain and landslides, autumn brings clear skies and sunshine. This makes trekking safer and more enjoyable. The scorching heat of summer eases in autumn, offering comfortable daytime temperatures ideal for hiking. Nights can be cool, requiring warm layers but ensuring comfortable sleep.


• Stable weather with comfortable temperatures. • Ideal for trekking and enjoying clear mountain views. • Compared to the peak season of spring (March to May), autumn has fewer trekkers, making the trails less crowded and offering a more serene experience. • Several local festivals like Dashain and Tihar fall within the autumn season, offering a glimpse into Nepalese culture and traditions.


• Peak season means high tourist volume, similar to spring. • Prices might be higher and availability could be limited. • Occasional rain showers can occur, especially in September. Be prepared for muddy trails and potential flight delays. • High altitude sickness remains a risk, and the rapid climb to Larkya La Pass can be challenging even in good weather.

Highlights Of Manaslu Circuit Trek

  • Explore the home to diverse flora and fauna, including endangered species like the snow leopard and red panda.
  • Hike up to a high camp for closer views of the majestic peak.
  • Larkya La Pass, the highest point of the trek, offers panoramic views of the Himalayas.
  • A side trip to Tsum Hidden Valley reveals Tibetan Buddhist culture and traditional villages.
  • Experience the warm hospitality and unique culture of the Gurung people.
  • Visit ancient Buddhist monasteries like Pungyen Gompa and Manaslu Base Camp Gompa.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek 
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