Nepal Adventure Tour

11 Days
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Your Nepal Adventure Tour promises an unforgettable blend of culture and exciting activities. The journey begins in Kathmandu, where you’ll explore the UNESCO heritage sites. Your guide will provide insightful stories attached to the stones and buildings. 

  • Three stars hotel
  • Kathmandu
  • All around the year
  • Private Vehicle
  • Easy
  • Cultural tour
  • 4-20

Nepal Adventure Tour Overview

The Nepal Adventure Tour offers a perfect mixture of the new world seamlessly blending with the traditional lifestyle. Visit to the UNESCO World Heritage sites established around 400 A.D. The Nepal Vacation offers the unique architecture and beliefs of the Hindus in Pashupatinath Temple. Witness the fascinating rituals and ceremonies that unfold on the banks of the Basmati River, gaining a deeper understanding of Nepal’s spiritual essence. 

Next, be prepared for the awestruck by Boudhanath Stupa, one of the largest hemispherical structures in the world. Immerse yourself in the Chants of mantras, Mandalas, paintings, and colorful flags. 

Bhaktapur Darbar Square makes you feel like you step back in time. Here, the architecture of the ancient Malla Kingdoms unfolds before you. Hand-carved temples in stones and majestic courtyards showcase the unique Newari culture

Your journey continues to Chitwan National Park, another UNESCO World Heritage site in Nepal. Encounter animals like majestic rhinos, tigers, and graceful deer. The Nepal Adventure tour itinerary offers a crafted and seamless blend of culture, wildlife, and Nepal’s rich tapestry of history in 10 to 11 days. Don’t forget to experience the famous jungle safari in Nepal.

After experiencing the diverse wildlife in Chitwan National Park, your Nepal adventure takes a scenic turn towards Pokhara, Nepal’s second-largest city.  Pokhara isn’t just about serene Lakes. Challenge yourself with a hike to Davis Falls, Seti River, Barahi Temple, a charming pagoda, and white-water rafting in Nepal. 

As your Nepal adventure Tour nears its end, prepare for exciting trekking in Nepal to ancient villages, navigating rolling hills, and soaking in the scenic route. Experience the mountain bike ride in Nepal around the Kathmandu Valley.

Highlights of Nepal Adventure Tour

  • Explore the Kathmandu UNSEO heritage site.
  • Hike to Snow-capped peaks, raft wild rivers, and explore hidden caves in Pokhara.
  • Immerse in ancient temples, encounter majestic wildlife and experience mountain cycling in Nepal.
  • Push your limits and experience Bungee jumping and Paragliding in Nepal.
  • Gather the unforgettable experience of the sunrise over Annapurna Mountain.
  • Experience the jungle safari and rafting in the Trisuli River.

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Nepal Adventure Tour